Saturday, June 6, 2009

Texas Food

Last night we had catfish from the Reverend Hill's Bar-B-Que place. I believe it is the best catfish I have ever eaten. The green tomato relish was delicious and the onion were flavorful without being too strong. (For those of you unfamiliar with Southern cuisine, it is common to eat slices of raw onion with your supper.)
All of my kids loved the hush puppies. My favorite part is that you take these hot, crispy, deep fried fine cornbread sticks and you dip them in butter. We do not shy away from fat here.
And the fries were great! Not sure what they fried them in, but the flavor puts fast food chain fries to shame.

We've also been eating as many plums and blueberries as we can possibly handle. There are more plums falling off the tree than could ever get to. Isaac is learning to spit out the plum pits. I think he only swallowed two. :)


SirloinMasta said...

i am jealous

denebug said...

That's because you know what you're missing.
But, hey, soon we'll both be in Provo together, missing all the tasty stuff Texas has to offer.

Gina said...

Oh man, that all sounds so good. I don't believe I've ever had catfish, and now I'm wondering why I've let so much of my life pass by without it...

About a decade ago Nephi and made a plum crisp out of a superabundance of plums someone gave us, and we pretty much haven't stopped thinking or talking about it since. It was just the perfect level of tart and sweet. Make a plum crisp for us.

Luella said...

Hey Rachel,
While you guys are enjoying all that delicious-sounding Texas food, we are enjoying your hubby staying with us. Especially that he helps Tony finish all of our leftovers!

denebug said...

He has mentioned that ya'll have been good about keeping a dinner plate saved for him when he gets in from the lab. Thank you for taking good care of him for me.