Thursday, June 4, 2009

Old Furniture for an Old House

This morning we found a couple of cool old chairs and spindle twin beds at garage sales. (I love that my mom has a big truck!)
I especially like the carving details on the two green-seated chairs. I think they will work well as living room chairs for us.
I had a dark spindle bed like these when I was little. Claire is especially excited about having one for herself.
I love well-made furniture. I would much rather buy something old that has worn well than some poorly constructed bright, new thing that will look awful in a year.

The next day we found the swiveling, rolling desk chair. It rolls well, is very solid (heavy) and quite comfortable for an unpadded wood chair.

I also put up detail pictures of the little student chair. I found the intials J.W. upside down on the back of the seat. Looking at the bottom of the seat, you can see the holes that were originally used for the woven seat. We have an old rocker that needs to have the seat and back replaced with woven tape, but it's a pretty big project. This little chair will give me a chance to practice the technique on a smaller scale before we invest in materials to restore the rocker.

Jacob would like it to be known that "old furniture for an old house" is his original quote, and all future uses of that phrase must be attributed to him.


Gina said...

Those are beautiful chairs! I'm excited to see your house someday...

denebug said...

Thank you! I'm excited to see the house myself--we're not expected to close until June 29. I'm thankful that I get to spend what would otherwise be a horribly tedious waiting period having fun with my parents and brother's family and, of course, shopping with my mom.