Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday Morning

We're still waking up on New York time, so we have an extra hour in the morning before we have to leave for church. I even had time to look up windsor knot tying instructions online so I could help Jacob with his tie.

Jacob likes the pirate skull motif on his tie and his new $4 chinos.

Isaac likes the cat Kizmet.

Claire doesn't like the swing so much as she is drawn to it by some irresistible natural force.

We miss you Clint! We'll keep putting up pictures and notes for you.


Glenn and Natalie said...

I absolutely adore the pictures of Jacob and Isaac together--such sweet brothers pictures!
I love all these Texas posts--we miss you!

denebug said...

Thank you. You've probably noticed the marked increase in post frequency since we left. I'm trying to keep Clint updated as much as possible. And, hey, I'm on vacatation--I've got time.

Glenn and Natalie said...

I'm sure Clint appreciates it! Living alone can make it easier to spend lots of time working, with out worrying about neglecting family time...but it sure is lonely!