Monday, June 8, 2009

Daingerfield State Park

We went swimming in the lake at the Daingerfield State Park today. It wasn't too hot, but it was windy. The beach ball and foam noodles kept scooting away across the water. Jacob almost lost his noodle, but some friendly teenage boys swam after it for him (Jacob could not swim fast enough to catch it.)

Claire swam out to the pier without her noodle after a couple of hours of hard swimming. Unfortunately, she lacked the strength to make it all the way back to land. She got stuck, treading desperately, about 4 yards from the pier. JoAnne's brother Chris reached her before I could and helped her out until I got there with a noodle. Thanks Chris!

Isaac did not want to get in the water at all. Maybe because it was brown and you couldn't see the bottom. He liked seeing the fish (Uncle Joseph got bitten a couple of times.) and he liked throwing things in the water (like beach balls that float quickly away). He did finally figure out how to use the inflatable jet ski I blew up for him (see video below).

It was a beautiful day. We have some spots of sunburn, all in all, we got off pretty well.
We'll go back as soon as it fades to tan.


Luella said...

Hi Rachel, cute pictures! I especially loved watching Isaac trying to "grass-ski". If you want to add our blog to your blog list, the address is
We miss you, but we are enjoying your husband's company(when we see him!)!

denebug said...

Thanks Luella. Obviously I should have seen that your name is linked to a blog and clicke on it before. Thank you for nudging me along.

Isaac loves rocking horses and those spring-loaded boncing things (like the horse, duck and fire truck) at Hecksher park. I love that he's figured out a way to make his own that's cheap and completely portable.