Saturday, February 28, 2009

Oppertunitys of a worthy boy

Jacob’s Primary talk
Written February 28, 2009
Delivered March 1, 2009

Oppertunitys of a worthy boy.

First of all what I think to be worthy
is to obey the Word of Wisdom, ten
commandmets, to keek promises and
be loving. Any person in the mormon
church can be batized at the age
of 8 or older. When someone is babtized
they make a covenent to become a
member of the mormen church and
to repent of their sins. In the forth
article of faith it says that we have
to repent of are sins before getting babtized.
I think that means if we don’t repent
and feel bad far are sins it’s pointless
to get babtized. If a boy is worthy
at twelve years of age he will receive
the ironic presthood. He now has the
power to babtize, pass the sacrament,
and bless the sacrament. When a boy
who has been babtized and has
the ironic preestod turns eighteen
receive the mechezidic presthood.
He can now heal the sick, and
give blessings. Finaly when he turns
19, he will go on a mission to an area
to teach the people and hopefully baptize
into the church. I say these things in
the name of Jesus Christ amen.

Friday, February 20, 2009

American Museum of Natural History

To celebrate Jacob and Claire's birthdays this year, we took a trip to the city on President's Day. They choose to go to the Natural History Museum and Central Park.

I loved the architectural details throughout the building. Floors, ceilings, banisters and braziers were all great.

The museum is huge! We walked through the Pacific Northwest peoples, Origin of Man, Meteorites, Minerals, and Gems, a couple of the Dinosaur halls, North American Mammals, several rooms, including the Rotunda, dedicated to Teddy Roosevelt.

After an afternoon at the museum, we walked through Central Park. Dusk was falling, as was the temperature, so we didn't linger. We continued on to see the lights of Times Square at night. By then it was cold (see Claire) and they were tired (see Jacob).

Jacob would like it to be known that he and Claire have now opened their own museum of dinosaurs. Tickets are twenty-five cents. There is also a gift shop. Your patronage is appreciated.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

7 Years of Claire

Yesterday was Claire's 7th birthday. We love you!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The End of Valentines

This year I decided to quit trying to observe Valentine's Day. It's a huge relief.

I have had one really great Valentine's Day in my life. It was right after Clint and I got together. He picked me up for a weekend in Salt Lake. He drove his '80 yellow Datsun truck (that I had to push to start because I didn't know how to pop a clutch), wore his soft yellow shirt, and gave me a pot of daffodils. I just happened to wear a pale yellow sweater. We ate a bag of Dove Promise chocolates-I still have one in a small frame--"No truer friend than your Valentine". It was a bright, sunny start to what's been a wonderful eleven years.

Of course, since then most Februarys have found us pregnant, or with infants and small children, and distinctly short of disposable income. We tried to do things the first few years, but nothing could be a great as that first Valentine's, charged as it was with all the excitement of new found love.
So why should we waste a day that ostensibly celebrates love and affection by being disappointed that our observances failed to reach the artificial standards set by consumerist society?

On our last anniversary, we celebrated by consciously recognizing that that day was our anniversary with smiles and hugs and being happy and grateful the entire day that we'd been able to be married for ten years. It was great.

(On a side note, one year, #4 or 5, we completely forgot our anniversary. Both of us. The next day, when I saw a calender and realized that our anniversary had passed without remark, I was a little disappointed. It was not that we had forgotten, but that we could forget.)

So Valentine's this year will be like our anniversary. Maybe we'll even listen to Ben Harper's "Waiting on an Angel" and tell the kids how once, a long time ago, Dad actually danced with Mom.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Clint in Mexico

Clint was gone for the last half of January to Puerto Vallarta where he had his winter corn field. He came home for a day to do laundry and took off again for a conference at UC Riverside. He is now having difficulty adjusting to the snowy winter weather the rest of us never got to leave.

On the plus side, he did bring us a cool tortilla press.

We get to have him with us until the Maize Meeting in March. Welcome home--we're glad you're back.