Saturday, July 18, 2009

Settled in

We have moved to Provo and are mostly settled into our new home here. It's a cute 1904 Dutch colonial close to downtown. We can walk to BYU campus or the Provo Towne Centre mall in less than half an hour. We have a lot of work to do fixing the exterior and landscaping, but we're excited about it.

Here is the archway between the entry hall and the living room. I love the way my chairs from Texas match the wood of the arch.

The living room, as seen from the dining room. We've since hung the Dali pictures. I liked them down with the Zapotec rugs, but Isaac couldn't leave them alone.

The bookshelf fits in the dining room area. The dictionary is close for mealtime discussion reference.

Claire in the backyard, drawing the house. As you can see, we have a lot to do, but we're happy that we have so much space to work with. And the hot dry Utah air is better than the little electric clothes dryer.

You can see Claire and Isaac in the back room breakfast/artwork area. We can put up a gate so Isaac doesn't disturb messy art projects or board games. I like the cool old sink, but we need to strip and refinish it.

The opposite side of the room is my weaving area. Since this picture, I've also unpacked my yarn and other weaving/knitting supplies.

Then we have the kid's playroom upstairs. There is a desk in the corner across from the futon, so when Clint moves out at the end of August, we'll put his big computer on that for family movie watching.

And then there's the kids' bedroom. I love the spindle beds from Texas. Isaac's little metal Ikea bed extends to a twin. We are thrilled that he sleeps on it by himself all night.

So there's the brief and incomplete tour of our new home! Now that we're in, and Clint's visit is ending, we can start posting about our new life here in Utah valley.


Sarah & Tom said...

Beautiful house! I love it. Glad you are getting settled in and hope to see more updates soon :) We miss you guys.

Mollie said...

I didn't realize you are out in Provo too - it seems that alot of the UCSD grads have ended up there. Your house looks great! I hope to see more pics of out outside someday!

denebug said...

Thank you. We haven't been here for very long; the kids and I arrived at the end of June. We closed on the house July 2. By the time Clint got here to visit on July 13, I already had unpacked, trimmed the little privet hedge and mowed the lawn.
It's fun trying to meet up with people we knew before at UCSD; so far it's just been the Griffitts. But it's great to moved to a place where we already have so many friends.

Valerie said...

Such a beautiful home and you've done a great job decorating!! I love those old homes in Provo. I used to love to walk the streets and look at them.Have fun!!

Luella said...

What a beautiful house! It looks so much roomier than the one you were living in here in New York. We miss you!

Mitchell Family said...

Such a beautiful home and perfectly suited for your family. I agree that dictionaries and other reference books belong in the dining room. I'm impressed at how fast you moved in. We are moving this week and I'm pretty sure our home won't look so cozy next week.

Deborah said...

Rachel! I had no idea you had moved. Your house looks gorgeous - I always was fascinated by all of your decorative touches - you are always so creative when you put things together. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see you and your family sometime. We are in Syracuse (down by Layton) - maybe we could meet up in SLC sometime or at Thanksgiving point or somewhere by Provo - there's places there I haven't explored in years. Anyhow...congrats on the move. E-mail me sometime if you get a chance when things settle down, I'd SERIOUSLY love to talk to you and see you again in person sometime! Debby

Tippetts said...

Wow, I love it! Older houses are the coolest. Congratulations!