Monday, July 27, 2009

Off the Floor!

When we moved to New York, I looked at the staircase and the narrow hallway and asked, "Can you get a queen sized bed up here?"
"Oh, yeah, of course, no problem," the landlord assured me.

After forty minutes struggling, my team of Russian movers gave up.
"You either have to take down the banister or you take the box spring, cut it in half and fold it."

Sorry shape though the banister was in, we weren't allowed to remove it. And I wasn't about to cut my box spring foundation in half. So the next time I saw the landlord, I told him that the movers had not been able to get the box spring upstairs.

"Oh, that's no problem. What you have to do is, you take the box spring, you cut it in half and fold it."

I was beginning to think everyone on Long Island was a little crazy. But as my sad little mattress sat on the floor, making my bedroom look as tacky as only a mattress on the floor can, the "cut it in half and fold it" idea became more and more appealing.

So my brother-in-law came to visit with a hand saw. We took the shrink wrap cover off the foundation so we could perform our surgery. And it turns out that our box spring had 1/2 inch metal rods going through it. Even if we cut the wood frame, there was no way we could bend the metal. And if we could bend it (and the metal grid on the top), there would be no way to get it flat again.

Our box spring foundation, of necessity stored in the garage, was ruined before we could move away. Without the box spring, we had no use for the metal bed frame, so we gave it away. I complained though a pregnancy spent sleeping on the floor. (Sleeping wasn't the problem. It was the getting up.)

Now we've moved away from New York. And again we had only a mattress on the floor of our new bedroom. Until today.

Today my sister-of-awesomeness Cait and her pickup-driving friend Jared went to SLC and picked up a Pottery Barn platform bed I found on the KSL classifieds. It's a platform bed, so no need for boxspring (although if we ever wanted to add one, we could). It's less than getting an IKEA bed, and far more sturdy. And best of all, I no longer have a mattress on the floor!


Mollie said...

Looks great! Don't you just love great second hand finds like that?

denebug said...

I usually like second hand better than first. It's more fun to find, costs less, and is higher quality than what I would choose to spend on something new.

Brenda said...

Very nice find! We're big on second hands these days too--it makes furnishing a house so much easier.

Luella said...

yea! Now you can grow up(finally)!