Thursday, July 30, 2009


Today is our 11th wedding anniversary. Since I'm in Utah, but Clint's still in New York, we can't do anything together. So I decided to celebrate by coloring the children. Why not? It's fun, out of the ordinary, and a great thing to do on a special summer day.
(Isaac and Claire colored his arms while Jacob was getting his done. I think if I hadn't put the body crayons away, he'd be completely covered by now. Which would be fine as long as he didn't touch any fabric or upholstery.)


Linn said...

Happy Anniversary! Those kids are so cute and thanks for your sweet comments on our blog. Hope you guys get to be with each other soon!

denebug said...

Thank you! It was a happy anniversary. Clint wrote sweetest letter to me. He rarely does that, but each one he has ever written is worth treasuring.

I get to see him in about 3 weeks! He starts at BYU August 24th. He'll probably arrive here on the 23rd. More happy days!