Thursday, April 16, 2009

Current Projects

The science fair is today. I know that one of the handouts they brought home earlier had the word "optional" on it, so given the crazy traveling, house hunting, packing and move preparation, we quietly decided to opt out. Oh, no, no. Last night the kids informed us that participation is not optional, and we needed something. Blargh!
Claire's experiment tested the rate at which food coloring dissolves in different temperatures of water. Jacob tested whether or not the length of string on a tin can phone affects the sound quality. Both wanted to do the 2-liter vortex we saw at the Eyring Science Center at BYU, but it was too messy and our 1-liter bottles were not quite big enough.
The stores in town were out of 3-part display boards, so they used colored posterboard instead. Happily, they wrote everything themselves, with only a little prodding to stay on task. I have no idea how their projects compare to other kids, but they enjoyed it.

The other project we've been working on is our new kid's desk. We found it in the trash on the side of the road. It had been painted flat mint green. So we cleaned it up, painted it with the shabby chic distressed technique (not Clint's favorite) and painted a chalkboard surface on top. We may even paint a chess board on the top after the chalkboard paint has had time to set up good.

(I can't find my camera cable at the moment. Will post pix later.)
I found the cable!
And it turns out that the distressed finish is perfect with the chalk. Isaac colors the entire desks, not just the top, but the chalk blends in with the finish.


Valerie said...

Fun projects! Be sure to post pics of your kid's desk. Sounds darling!

Jen Mo said...

dude I want to talk to you! alas, i cannot locate a phone number to save my life! send me your digits, lady!