Saturday, February 28, 2009

Oppertunitys of a worthy boy

Jacob’s Primary talk
Written February 28, 2009
Delivered March 1, 2009

Oppertunitys of a worthy boy.

First of all what I think to be worthy
is to obey the Word of Wisdom, ten
commandmets, to keek promises and
be loving. Any person in the mormon
church can be batized at the age
of 8 or older. When someone is babtized
they make a covenent to become a
member of the mormen church and
to repent of their sins. In the forth
article of faith it says that we have
to repent of are sins before getting babtized.
I think that means if we don’t repent
and feel bad far are sins it’s pointless
to get babtized. If a boy is worthy
at twelve years of age he will receive
the ironic presthood. He now has the
power to babtize, pass the sacrament,
and bless the sacrament. When a boy
who has been babtized and has
the ironic preestod turns eighteen
receive the mechezidic presthood.
He can now heal the sick, and
give blessings. Finaly when he turns
19, he will go on a mission to an area
to teach the people and hopefully baptize
into the church. I say these things in
the name of Jesus Christ amen.


Glenn and Natalie said...

It was so cute when Jacob was giving his talk. I thought it was funny that he was pronouncing it "ironic." When I peeked at the paper over his shoulder & saw the spelling it brought a big smile to my face--and in this crazy branch some days I NEED a big smile! Thanks buddy!

denebug said...

I asked Jacob if he wanted me to tell him about any spelling errors. He said, no he was happy with it as it was. We haven't told him yet that it's supposed to be "Aaronic".

Gina said...

That is a very good talk. And I understand a bit more why it might be tough to be a little girl growing up in our church.