Friday, February 20, 2009

American Museum of Natural History

To celebrate Jacob and Claire's birthdays this year, we took a trip to the city on President's Day. They choose to go to the Natural History Museum and Central Park.

I loved the architectural details throughout the building. Floors, ceilings, banisters and braziers were all great.

The museum is huge! We walked through the Pacific Northwest peoples, Origin of Man, Meteorites, Minerals, and Gems, a couple of the Dinosaur halls, North American Mammals, several rooms, including the Rotunda, dedicated to Teddy Roosevelt.

After an afternoon at the museum, we walked through Central Park. Dusk was falling, as was the temperature, so we didn't linger. We continued on to see the lights of Times Square at night. By then it was cold (see Claire) and they were tired (see Jacob).

Jacob would like it to be known that he and Claire have now opened their own museum of dinosaurs. Tickets are twenty-five cents. There is also a gift shop. Your patronage is appreciated.


Mitchell Family said...

We had the same idea as you but our Pres. Day outing was quite pathetic. We watched Night at the Museum. You did the real thing.

denebug said...

Don't feel bad. It took us 2 1/2 years living here to make it to the Museum. It was 3rd trip to the city--and we only have 3 more months here!

denebug said...

By the way, Clint and I were watching The Office online the night before our trip. Jim said that for his 7th birthday, his dad took him to the city to the Natural History Museum and it was the best birthday ever. We thought it was a great coincidence.