Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Zelophedad's Daughters

This morning the kids and I read the passage in Numbers where the daughters of the deceased Zelophedad petition Moses and Eleazar for an inheritance in front of the tent of meeting. The census of all men had been taken to determine how to distribute inheritances and these fatherless women were excluded.

This is a great story. The women were slighted, wronged by an unjust system. So they took their petition to the top. Moses asked God, and God said, “They’re right, this isn’t fair. And while we’re at it, here are the rules for passing on inheritances to the next of kin.”

I think we should follow their example. We can disagree with the status quo without rejecting the Church and the prophets. We can bring our petition to Salt Lake. And it’s possible that God will justify us, say you’re right, that policy should be changed. We do still believe in the possibility of revelation. That should give us hope for change.

Here is one example: temple wedding petition

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Valerie said...

Interesting. The French government only views a marriage at city hall as binding. So the members there would have the civil ceremony in city hall on Friday, then do a sort of church meeting in their local branch on Saturday, then go to the temple in Switzerland on Tuesday. Although they would wear their wedding dresses to all three events, I think they just didn't consider themselves married until Tuesday, and would go back home with their respective families until the temple marriage had taken place.