Saturday, November 14, 2009

Halloween Pictures

The kids had fun this year. Jacob was a dragon tamer. Claire was a vampire. Then, because we didn't get fangs, but she did have a red bendy straw, she decided to be a butterfly vampire with a proboscis. Jacob countered that she should just call herself a mosquito.

Obviously I should have had these up sooner, but I ran out of batteries. You see, the batteries in our wireless keyboard gave up the ghost, so I had to steal the ones from the camera to use the computer. Then I couldn't upload the pictures, and I never remember to buy batteries. Until now. Enjoy!


Luella said...

Great pictures! and I hear that you are now the Primary President? Congratulations!

denebug said...

The primary president thing is a little crazy. Last week was our program and today we held the inservice/teacher training. That's supposed to be quarterly, but this was the first for at least 7 months.
Here I have a lot to do with scouts. Last week I had 3 scout meetings. Next week I have 2 training meetings. And so on. It's like two callings in one. And even though I'm required to do all of the scout leader training, I don't actually work with the boys.