Wednesday, August 19, 2009

First Day of School

Jacob and Claire started school today.

Jacob is going to 4th grade. He is in a technology classroom, where each desk has an iMac and computer use in integrated into the curriculum. His teacher is incredibly organized, which should be great for Jacob.

Claire is in 2nd grade. Her teacher had been the music teacher. She runs a more open and flexible classroom. And Claire already knows a friend in her class from church.

And now I'm alone with Isaac. It should be fun.


Leslie said...

I can't believe they're staring school already as it seems so early. I certainly hope they are getting out earlier than the rest of us to compensate! Regardless, they look excited and ready to go! Jacob's classroom sounds like an especially great opportunity, by the way.

denebug said...

It is early, but they get out around Memorial Day. In New York they don't start until after Labor Day, but they also don't get out until the end of June.

Matthew and Shelly Garvin said...

My kids are jealous. They have been counting the days until school starts since the last day of school in June. Only 12 days to go!

denebug said...

Shelly! Hello old friend. I apologize for dropping off the face of the earth and not keeping in contact with anyone. How are you? How many kids do you have?
We've got to catch up.
Email me at denebug(at)yahoo(dot)com or add me on facebook.

Matt and Rebecca Walsman said...

I love Claire's attitude here. and the fact that Isaac is the one tuckered out. cute.

Glenn and Natalie said...

THe first day of school is wonderful! I love the poses that Claire & Jacob have--mad they are growing up!