Saturday, May 2, 2009


Today we drove out to the eastern end of Long Island. Traffic was slow through the Hamptons, but that gave us more time to admire the Dutch windmills and sing along to Johnny Cash. (The kids' favorite is either Ring of Fire or A Boy Named Sue.)

We finally got out to Montauk Point. We didn't go up in the lighthouse

(children small enough to be carried are not allowed), but we did walk along the beach and through the nature trails.

Clint and I think the Surfcaster in charge of spell checking must feel like a dope.

Claire collected shells.

Jacob found fish.

Isaac loved playing with sticks, throwing rocks and digging in the sand.

Clint liked watch the cormorants out on the ocean.

I enjoyed the rocks. The glacial till has everything in it.

It was a great day.


Isa said...

This is beautiful Rachel.

denebug said...

Thanks Isa. I love being able to post pictures of our adventures. It's a much easier way to share than printing out and mailing copies.

Glenn and Natalie said...

I love the pictures. I love the one with Jacob on your hat, for obvious reasons, but I also think it is a sweet picture of you and your cute little baby boy!
I love Long Island. I am sure that you will be happy to leave and find cheaper...everything, but I will miss you. I will miss Clint's thought provoking Sunday School lessons that help break up the monotony of "sunday school answers" and actually make you think. Yes, it is ok to actually THINK in our church--novel idea! I will miss your great kids--they are smart & spunky and I LOVE having them in Primary. I will miss you Rachel and your calming elegance. You are amazing! I don't usually tell my friends how wonderful they are until they move I thought this time I'd get a head start!