Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St. Patrick's Day

We a had a great St. Patrick's Day yesterday. Jacob and Claire put on green straight away (and just hoped everyone else had forgotten). What green-wearing kid doesn't love a holiday that sanctions pinching?

For dinner I made a whole wheat Irish soda bread, corned beef with cabbage, carrots and potatoes, and green potatoes from Liguria (courtesy Mark Bittman's Minimalist video on the New York Times). It was all new to me, and thankfully, turned out surprisingly well. Even the cabbage was good, and let me tell you, I had some strong reservations about that. We may even add cabbage to our family standard fare.


Gina said...

I think cabbage is one of the great secrets of the vegetable kingdom. It is so tasty!! And it's so cheap and healthy, too. I cook it quite a bit in the winter. Here's my favorite way: roughly chop up the head into big chunks, about 1 in. Toss it with some olive oil and a bit of salt, then spread on a cookie sheet and cook at around 350 for about 30-40 minutes. It's so easy and so good!!

Glenn and Natalie said...

We love cabbage...especailly in soup. The food looks great. We made the soda bred too, and I tried Irish brown bread this year. Yummy!

Matt and Rebecca Walsman said...

Yummy. I wish i had been at your house that night. :)